Yes, we have a showroom that includes windows, doors, showers, replacement parts, and more! Our Residential showroom is located at 410 Quebec St, Regina, Sk. We also have a PVC Fencing showroom located at 418 Quebec St, Regina, Sk!

We most definitely can! Glacier Glass Service Ltd is open all year round and can tackle window replacement during any season. Cold weather and snow is not an issue, but we will take into account and try to minimize the exposure of your home to the cold by keeping doors closed, and replacing windows one by one.

On all of our residential and commercial installations we offer a 1 year labour warranty. Specific product warranties vary depending on the given brand the customer chooses!

Our PVC Fences come with a 2 year labour warranty, as well as a limited lifetime warranty!

With blinds and storm doors, every situation is unique. Our trained professional estimator’s will be able to determine the likelihood of whether or not they can be re-used. We cannot guarantee that they will fit afterwards, but our installers will make every effort possible to make them re-usable!

A seal failure is when you begin to see fogging, hazing, or the presence of moisture between the panes of glass. Old windows are typically the reason for seal failure. 

 Low-E stands for Low -emissivity, which means the window glass has been coated with a low-emittance material, which has been designed to reduce the ultraviolet factor through reflection or absorption of solar radiation. Low-E glass has two main beneficial factors. The first is that it repels ultraviolet rays that cause heat in the summer. The second is that it absorbs rays to let heat in during the winter. This is a significant factor in reducing the cost of energy bills year round!

Argon gas is a odourless, non-toxic gas that is injected between panes of sealed glass in order to increase a window’s insulation, as well as sound proofing it. Argon gas increases the R-value of the window or door, minimizes heat exchange through the window, as well as reduces the possibility of condensation/frost in cold or humid climates. Unlike oxygen, argon won’t corrode window materials, which can increase the longevity of them!

The main difference between dual and triple pane windows is that a triple pane window consists of three panes of glass with two spacers, whereas a dual has two panes of glass with one spacer. Each type of window has positives and negatives. Please speak with one of our trained professional estimators to walk you through which option would be right for you and your home!

Yes we do! Whether it be a window, door, shower, or PVC Fence, all of our products are customized to what the customer wants, and the given measurements of they they need!

Glacier Glass Service Ltd does free estimates up to 100km outside of Regina, Sk! You may also follow the following link and fill out a free estimate form if you have the dimensions and information of what your are looking for – www.glacier-glass.com/request-free-quote

Glacier Glass Service Ltd has teamed up with Finance It to offer many great and affordable financing options. There is a simple application process and if approved, there are a variety of different payment options available to our customers!