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Serving Southern Saskatchewan for almost 40 years.  Founded in 1979, we are still family owned and operated.

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Did you know...

Our financing options allow customers to make to make affordable monthly payments on their big purchases, such as PVC Windows, Doors, Showers, Fencing, etc. We have a very easy application process that allows you to get approved within minutes!

Who we are...

Glacier Glass is Regina’s largest independent glass dealer. We have been in operation since 1979 and remain family owned and operated to this day.

Whatever your glass needs are, we have you covered. We provide our customers with such products as PVC Windows and Doors, mirrors, sealed units, and shower enclosures. But, we’re more than just flat glass. We’re also your first choice for automotive glass Replacement, commercial sales and service, and PVC Fencing and Decking.


They provided me a top of the line product at an extremely competitive price. The new windows looked fantastic, reduced my utility bills and increased the value of my home! The work was completed in one day and required no other follow ups or “fixes”. Absolutely flawless work and customer service from the best in Regina!

Lorna Sawchyn
Emerald Park Homes

They provided me a top of the line product at an extremely competitive price. The new windows looked fantastic, reduced my utility bills and increased the value of my home! The work was completed in one day and required no other follow ups or “fixes”. Absolutely flawless work and customer service from the best in Regina!

Nick O.

Been doing business for years, from windshield replacement to railing and privacy fence, all perfectly done!! Also, had my window repaired at my house that the other company could not get to stop leaking they had it fixed first try thanks again!

Chris H.

Window glass and shower door repair replacement company in Regina and areas

If you need windows or glass replaced give us a call.

What are the benefits of Glass

Glass is an integral part of the household for improving the aesthetics, as well as functionality of the house. It is used for numerous applications, which include doors, windows, skylights, fire places, railings, showers, and more. All of these  are using Glass due to its inherent benefits of improved looks, long lasting, low chemical reaction, and so on. It will help in achieving the desired function with great ease.

How to choose windows or glass

One should make their selection of windows or glass after speaking with one of our trained professional estimators. Each home offers different challenges such as, unique angles, environment, and what was previously installed. There are many different types of glass, as well as grades of glass. Each type of glass has different functions and can be used in different situations. For example, fire place glass varies from a patterned railing glass. This is why wee always recommend speaking with one of our trained professional estimators before going ahead. Do your research!

Glacier Glass: A Glass Replacement Company in Regina

It is important in today’s market to remain competitive without sacrificing quality in your products. This mainly exists due to a large number of competitors coming into the market with all different types of business started by an individual’s or big chain companies. Here at Glacier Glass we ensure that our customers are satisfied with the kind of products they are receiving and also with the quality of customer service we provide!

Glacier Glass

What we do and why we do it

Glacier Glass is a company which is a leader of window and glass replacement located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. We are supplying glass in many different varieties of shapes which include flats, curved, irregular shaped, and so on depending on the application. Our glass can be applied to Repair Service, Windows, Doors, Vestibules, Auto-Glass, Mirrors, and so on.

We have almost 40 years of experience to handle all your glass needs. You can simply reach to us to get the glass of your choice and use us and to improve the overall appearance of the project. Glacier Glass is the independent glass dealer who is providing customers with high quality products which are made from PVC and other state of the art materials.

Applications of products

Some of the products Glacier Glass offers have a variety of applications. A few of them are discussed here to make you aware of the possible locations where you can use the glass.

Glass Shower Doors:

Everybody likes to have their bathroom in best possible shape. Using a customized tempered glass shower door or full enclosure will give you an upper edge of improving the looks of your bathroom. Different varieties of methods exist which one can use like single doors, sliding systems, full glass and so on. One can use these ideas based on the way in which they are willing to improve the aesthetics of their bathroom. Upgrading to a ClarVista coating offers many benefits. It will fill down some of the tiny imperfections which possibly exist in the glass. Even glass shower doors will let the soap and water deposits to be slid down with great ease. Heavy duty hardware used will help you to remain rest assured about the long-lasting working.

Windows Regina:

The most important factor for window glass is providing energy efficiency. It will help to ensure that the minimum amount of energy is consumed during use of many of the electrical equipment inside the room. Our professional team, from our estimators to installers, will have the PVC window products fitting perfectly and with ease the first time around. The windows are energy star rated and different options are available such as Low-E and/or Argon Gas, or dual or triple pane windows. Some of the common benefits which you will observe with these windows include energy efficiency, cost-benefit ratio, low maintenance, durable, and environment-friendly. All these factors prove to be highly encouraging to use these windows for your desired application. In addition to the energy savings, you can also save initial cost, maintenance cost, and finally the disposing cost. This proves to be highly encouraging for a large number of individuals to get into some new windows from Glacier Glass Regina.

skid steer glass

Window Glass Replacement

It is important to keep an eye on all of your vehicles window glass. Chips in your windshield can lead to cracking, and that’s why it is important to take care of them immediately. The faster the chip is sealed, the less likely your windshield will crack. If your windshield does crack, our auto-glass department does full windshield replacements on all motorized vehicles! You can even have your window side and rear glass replaced at Glacier Glass. We provide a fantastic quality of glass which will provide you with the durability of a longer period. We offer a friendly staff and will have you back on the road in no time.

Additional applications of the glass produced by Glacier Glass

Looking at the number of benefits provided by Glacier Glass, one can clearly identify the kind of benefits which they are offering. You can go through their reviews that are available over their website and establish a clear idea about the type of service which they are providing. The company is trustworthy among a large number of competitors and individuals who deal with windows, doors, and glass.

commercial door

What are some other benefits

In addition to the benefits previously discussed benefits, Glacier Glass provides many other products and services. Some of these services are sash repair, glass table tops,  great clearance selection, amazing financing options and even manufacture their own Glacierseal Sealed Units. Glacier Glass goes beyond windows and doors, and offers many unique products and services.

Our trained professionals are customer orientated and always have the customers interests in mind. We ensure that we will educate the customer in their different options, discuss the product, whether it be windows, doors, railings, or glass, and get the customer into something they can afford, but also love. At the end of the day we want to make our customers happy by providing acceptation knowledge and service.

What is the Verdict

Thus, we can say that Glacier Glass is a leading organization providing quality glass for a variety of applications. It is always a good idea to speak with one of our trained estimators to help point you in the right direction. We offer numerous products and services that go beyond windows and doors.  Every product has many alternative options to suit the desired look you want to achieve. This will help in ensuring that we can deliver the best outcome at the desired place, as well as achieving customer satisfaction!

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