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Want to replace your windows in Regina? Glacier Glass can help

Windows are a crucial part of your home, especially here in Saskatchewan. You need good quality windows to make sure your home is warm in the harsh winter. Whether it’s a full PVC, a metal clad PVC hybrid, or wood metal clad window, we’re confident that we have the products and options to leave you satisfied.

window replacement regina Our PVC window products are custom ordered to fit right 

Glacier Glass does not mess around when it comes down to quality and customer service. The products we carry are first class and built to last a lifetime. Not only do they provide a clear view and stellar appeal, but they are one of the biggest heat saving agents within a home. Glacier Glass carries Plygem and SGW Window products, which are both manufactured here in Canada, so yes, they are built and tested to stand up against our aggressive winters and summers.

The most experienced window replacement experts in Regina

When looking into replacing your windows, you need to make sure you get the right type of windows installed. This is where the knowledgeable staff at Glacier Glass comes in. There are many, many different types of windows on the market and it can be difficult to figure out which windows are going to work best for your home. The staff at Glacier Glass has seen it all and dealt with it all. We take the time to sit down with our customers to go through the different types and styles of windows that would work best for their unique home. If you need window replacement in Regina, don’t hesitate to call us!

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