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What are the benefits your local market can bring you?

The local market is what drives our economy forward, bringing many benefits to the community that many are not aware of. We see way too many people shopping with global companies, or people that pop up for a month or two then disappear just to make a quick buck and leaving the customer out to dry. If there is one thing to recommend, it is to do your research before you proceed with a big purchase.

Window glass replacement Regina

Check the company you are doing business with

When going forward with a big purchase, there are a couple essential things to look for, besides the best price. The first would be to check the companies history. If the company has been around for more than a decade or two, has a consistent amount of positive reviews on Google, Facebook, etc, they are most likely reputable. Second, you need to do some digging into the customer service. Ask around, look for positive stories, search the reviews, and see what others have to say about their experience. You need to look past the initial price, and look into how the company is going to treat you 2, 5, 10 years down the road.

Whether it’s buying a house or window glass replacement in Regina, hire a trustworthy company that is going to be there for you

No matter what glass replacement services you get from Glacier Glass, we will provide you quality customer service if you have any concerns. This is where shopping local comes into play. The benefits of shopping local with a reputable brand in your city are huge! Local businesses rely on the people of their city to provide them with business to stay up and running. As an expert in window and shower glass industry, we know our customers’ needs the best and serve their best interests.

window glass replacement Regina

Here is a list of the top 4 reasons why keeping it local is essential to the survival of our local economy:

  1. Helps the Local Economy – By buying local, it stays local. This allows more jobs to be created in your city, as well as lowering the chances of lay-offs. It also allows you to build relationships with business owners, and their employees! You get to know the people behind the product, and makes you feel completely comfortable with your choice.
  2. More Personalized Service – By dealing with a local company, you are able to get more personalized service. Glacier Glass always looks to serve their customers best interests, and take the time to build a relationship, and how they can help on window glass replacement in Regina.
  3. Unique Business – Local businesses keep things fresh and unique, unlike national or global companies. Each local business offers a unique feel that you cannot find anywhere else! Glacier Glass has been around since 1979 and has grown over the years. They have always been based in Regina @ 410 Quebec St. Re-modelling has taken place over the years, but they still offer top services on all kinds of window glass replacements & glass shower doors in Regina.
  4. Quality Customer Service – Most typically local business cares about their reputation and how they treat their customers. Glacier Glass always puts their customer first, and tries to work through any issues that may arise, instead of blowing them off. They pride themselves on providing high quality customer service, as their tag line goes, “Our Quality and Service is Clear”!

Window glass replacement Regina, Glass shower doors

Glacier Glass has been providing their first-class services since 1979

Glacier Glass has been around since 1979, their roots are here in Regina to stay. They offer a variety of glass products including windows glasses and glass shower doors in Regina to elevate your home. As a local business, they strive to keep their quality of products at a high, as well as their installation processes. All of their staff is professionally trained with excellent skills, work ethic, and respect that goes along with the company name! Give them a call if you need any help on glass or windows replacement in Regina.



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